Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hash crew

memorial was beautiful...tho our boy kapri was put out for being drunk and unruly...(kool down dred)...the video wit kep talkin and paintin and ish had me cryin like a 2 year old...thanks to severe for putting that joint together...we raised about $1,100 or so for the family after all other expenses were paid back...christian, thanks for the $100 donation for the'll come back to you...oh yeah, speakin of shirts, everyone who didn't get a shirt in the crew, holla at me...let me know what size you need n i'll try to get them out there for the show on the 2nd...a donation of $10 would b fresko...$5 for the nazon simmons fam and $5 to cover the printing and cost of shirt... hash crew


  1. yo FredOnes and THC team.. i'm terribly sad to hear of Kep's passing. my good homie Cosbe DST called me the day he passed away. Kep was a solid and supportive friend to me when i was a supertoy and had just moved to Chicago for art school. he took me, Porkchop, and my boy Elph with him to do the StayHigh piece on the graveyard wall with Severe after the FreshBeats party back in the day. that was my first piece in the city. i even thought i was XMEN after that night! haaaa! i can just remember how cool he was when we'd chill, and how inspirational he became to me in my whole artistic avenue. i've got some great stories bout KingKep, and i miss him. i wish i would have flown home to chicago for the party and services. please contact me at or on aim (rexrockswell) so i can show some love with one of the shirts and make a donation to the family fund. memoriam..
    las vegas. chicago. LA.

  2. correction: Porkchop mentioned that night we did the StayHigh piece it was '92, and it was SEIZE (not Severe) who was with us.